ET celebrates Soad Hosny's birthday


Sun, 27 Jan 2019 - 11:43 GMT

Soad Hosny - Egypt Today.

Soad Hosny - Egypt Today.

CAIRO – 27 January 2019: Egypt Today celebrates Soad Hosny’s birth anniversary, shedding light on parts of her personal life through the lens of her close friends.

Famed actor Samir Sabri said, "I participated in four movies with Hosny; we became friends so easily as she was like a cute lost child. She had a miserable childhood where she lived away from her family. She was in dire need of guidance which she found with her husband, Egyptian director Ali Badrakhan, who gave her love and affection."

“She presented the best movies in her career during her marriage to Badrakhan such as 'Al-Zawja Al-Thaniya' (the Second Wife) and 'El-Qahera Talateen' (Cairo 30). Salah Jahin was her god father and he stayed beside her until his death,” Sabri further added.
"I witnessed the Cinderella and the outstanding singer Abdel Halim Hafez's love story that lasted for four years. Hafez was extremely jealous. However, I do not know whether they really got married or not," Sabri stated.

"Before her death, she was preparing for a play which she discussed with producer and screenwriter Samir Khafaga. She had lost 15 kilograms and conducted some plastic and dental surgeries. All these factors deny the assumption that she committed suicide. Soad was much stronger than she seemed to be," Sabri stressed. Meanwhile, great actor Hassan Youssef said, "Soad was incredibly talented; she had the ability to perfectly play any role whether it is comedic or tragic. She had charisma and charm. Yet, she was unappreciated and died alone."

"We were close friends; she was too kind, down to earth and polite. She never responded to offenses to the extent that when one of the producers fired her, she went to shoot her scenes the following day out of her great discipline," Youssef added.
May God bless the incomparable soul of Soad Hosny that still lives in the hearts of her fans.



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