1st trailer of political thriller 'Sons of Denmark' released



Fri, 25 Jan 2019 - 09:36 GMT


Fri, 25 Jan 2019 - 09:36 GMT

Political Thriller “Sons of Denmark” CC Henrik Ohsten

Political Thriller “Sons of Denmark” CC Henrik Ohsten

CAIRO – 25 January 2019: Variety website unveiled the first trailer for the film "Sons of Denmark" competing in the Tiger Competition at Rotterdam Film Festival, which is set to be held in the Netherlands from Jan. 23 to Feb. 3.

Sons of Denmark by Ulaa Salim - International Trailer

One year after a major bomb attack in Copenhagen radicalisation around the country has intensified and ethnic tensions are running high. The next parliamentary election is near, and the extremely nationalist politicial leader Martin Nordahl is set for a landslide victory. 19-year old Zakaria gets involved in a radical organisation, where he forms a bond with Ali.

"Sons of Denmark" is the first film to be produced by Hyæne Film, a company founded by Director Ulaa Salim and producer Daniel Mühlendorph while they were finishing film school in 2017.

Copenhagen provides the backdrop for the political thriller that questions the enemy images we create in the name of fear.

The one-year anniversary of a major bomb attack in Copenhagen is coming close. The next parliamentary election is near, and the highly nationalist politician Martin Nordahl from the National Movement party is predicted a landslide victory that will secure him the post of prime minister.

Zakaria, 19, is slowly, but surely moving towards a dangerous path of radicalization. On the way, he meets Malik, who fights his own battles.

While the country is counting down to the most important election in recent times, Zakaria and Malik are forced to make a crucial decision that will have consequences for all.

The film features Mohammed Ismail Mohammed as Zakaria and Zaki Youssef as Malik. The politician is played by Rasmus Bjerg.

"Sons of Denmark" is Salim's first feature film, both as director and scriptwriter. His short films include his 2017 graduation piece from the National Film School of Denmark, "Land of Our Fathers", and the equally warmly received "Exil","Our Fathers' Sons" and "Det rene hjerte".

The film is produced by Daniel Mühlendorph for Hyæne Film with the support of the Danish Film Institute's talent scheme, New Danish Screen.



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