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Min. of antiquities denies rumors about inappropriate transfer of antiquities

Mon, Jan. 21, 2019
CAIRO – 21 January 2019: The Media Center of the Council of Ministers denied the rumors regarding the alleged use of inappropriate vehicles to transport the Egyptian antiquities to the Grand Egyptian Museum.

The center is cooperating with the Ministry of Antiquities to transfer the antiquities to the Grand Egyptian Museum, pointing out that the process of transferring the antiquities is carried out in accordance with specific procedures and standards that take into account all safety measures necessary to preserve the Egyptian antiquities.

The ministry stressed that the procedures also take into account the preliminary repair and documentation of the pieces, which are performed by a professional team affiliated with the Grand Egyptian Museum.

The Ministry of Antiquities affirmed that the cars used to transport the antiquities are prepared with the latest equipment for temperature and humidity control.

The transportation process comes in cooperation with the Department of Antiquities Stores and the Restoration and Packaging Department and the Monument Restoration Center; it is occurring under tight security measures by the Tourism and Antiquities Police Forces.

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