Ahmed Sheba to release new song 'Rahn Eshartak' on Jan. 25


Thu, 03 Jan 2019 - 01:04 GMT

FILE – Ahmed Sheba

FILE – Ahmed Sheba

CAIRO – 3 January 2019: Famed folklore singer Ahmed Sheba has recently completed recording a new national song titled “Rahn Eshartak” (At your beckon call) in which the singer praises the police in the occasion of the Egyptian Police Day on Jan. 25.

“Rahn Eshartak” is written by Reda al-Masry and composed by Fares Fahmy. A video clip of the song will be released.

The song’s lyrics mainly revolve around the great efforts exerted by the Egyptian Police Forces and Army Forces to combat the evil forces of terrorism.

Ehab Tawfik
FILE - Ehab Tawfik

Moreover, the famed singer is preparing a duo with Egyptian singer Ehab Tawfik titled “Ashamy fe Rabena” (I have faith in God). The song is also written by Reda al-masry, composed by Fares Fahmy and directed by Yasser Essam.

FILE - Ahmed Sheba

“Ashamy fe rabena” will be released as a video clip by the end of the upcoming week.

Sheba has been in the singing industry for almost a decade, and has also worked in a car repair shop. The singer had no luck until he became famous after “Ah Law Le’ebt ya Zahr”. The singer then became the first choice in Egyptian weddings, making him one of the most listened to Sha’abi singers locally and in the region.

”Ah Law Le’ebt Ya Zahr”:

احمد شيبة - اه لو لعبت يا زهر - و الراقصة الا كوشنير من فيلم اوشن 14 (فيديو كليب)

احمد شيبة - اه لو لعبت يا زهر - و الراقصة الا كوشنير من فيلم اوشن 14 (فيديو كليب)

”Eddonia Mashya Bedahraha”:

الدنيا ماشية بضهرها

احمد شيبة 2014 جديد انا بتقطع من جوايا ونسيت طعم الفرح النيا ماشية بضهرها وحطط عليا احمد شيبة انا مش هافية عمر شيكو omar sheko

“Ya’alam Rabena” (God Knows)

Ahmed Sheba - Y3lam Rabna / احمد شيبه - يعلم ربنا

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