'Comedians of the World' presents chance for stand-up comedians



Wed, 02 Jan 2019 - 11:26 GMT


Wed, 02 Jan 2019 - 11:26 GMT

FILE – Oday Khalifa

FILE – Oday Khalifa

CAIRO - 2 January 2019: Achance is granted for stand up comedians to reach a wider span of audience through the new program “Comedians of the World” which will host 40 standup comedy stars performing in eight languages.

Numerous stars from the Arab World are set to perform in the program such as Rosin Halak from Jordan, Ibrahim Khairallah from Saudi Arabia and Oday Khalifa from Palestine.

The Jordanian stand-up comedian Halaksaid that the show she performs on stagereliesmainly on improvisation and that she is always keen to shed light on issues that interest women in a comic way.

FILE - Rosin Halak

Halak also stated that the main obstacle she faces while performing is that some Arab audiences do not completely understand the Jordanian dialect and therefore she has to exert more effort in making her performance simple and clear.

FILE - Ibrahim Khairallah

Meanwhile, Saudi comedian Khairallah does not rely on improvisation like his Jordanian counterpart; in fact, the comedian exposed that he uses a script which becomes refined numerous times before getting on stage, and that he needs a lot of training before performing.

FILE - Oday Khalifa

Last but not least, Palestinian comedian Khalifa stated that stand-up comedy is the hardest of theatrical performances, as the comedian relies solely on the content and the microphone, without any additional assistance.

Khalifa further stated that the most veteran comedians would not necessarily be able to perform a stand-up comedy show, as it requires specific skills.



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