File photo – Eastern Takht Band performing File photo – Eastern Takht Band performing

Egyptian Eastern Takht Band performs in Andalusia Music Festival

Wed, Dec. 26, 2018
CAIRO – 26 December 2018: The 13th session of the Andalusia Music Festival held at the Algerian Opera House came to a closure with a performance by the Egyptian Oriental band led by Yasser Moawad.

The closing ceremony was attended by Egyptian Ambassador to Algeria Ayman Mashrafa, Algerian activist Jamila Buhaidar, a number of Algerian officials and almost 2000 spectators.

FILE photo - Late Abdel Halim Hafez

The Egyptian band presented a collection of songs for late singers Umm Kulthum, Abdel Halim Hafez, Sayed Darwish and Mohamed Abdel Wahab, as well as a poem by Nizar Qabbani dedicated to Jamila Buhaidar, which was specially composed and performed to the Algerian activist who attended the closing ceremony.

FILE photo - Late legendary musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab

FILE photo - Late legendary singer Umm Kulthum

Yasser Moawad expressed to MENA news Agency his extreme happiness after witnessing the spectator’s reactions to the Egyptian performance. Moawad further exposed that the Egyptian Oriental band performed in north of Algeria, where many spectators happily attended.

In addition, Moawad stated to MENA that he was keen to start the concert by playing the national anthem of Algeria, which was composed by Egyptian musician Mohammed Fawzi, as well as the Egyptian national anthem. He concluded the ceremony with a series of national songs to emphasize the Egyptian-Algerian historical ties.

Performance in 2010:

مصر النهارده - التخت الشرقي 15-11-2010 (1/7)

مصر النهارده - التخت الشرقي 15-11-2010 (1/7)

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