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Omar Taher's 'Kohl w Habhan' to be released soon

Fri, Dec. 21, 2018
CAIRO – 21 December 2018: Writer Omar Taher's novel "Kohl w Habhan" (Eyeliner and Cardamom) will be published soon by El-Karma publishing house.

Taher uses taste and smell to talk about the different stages of an ordinary man's life. The novel focuses on a set of themes such as adolescence, love, alienation, loneliness, marriage, friendship, failure and success, where the protagonist believes that each feeling has a different smell and taste.

Moreover, the song "Astwat" is released to promote the upcoming novel. The song is written by Omar Taher, sung by Wael el-Fashny, and composed by Mahmoued Hussein Kamel.

Omar Taher is an Egyptian writer and journalist born in Sohag on July 23, 1975. He received a Bachelor of Commerce and Business Administration from Helwan University in 1998.

Taher published several books, including "The Impact of the Prophet" and "Starch and Glucose".

Also, Taher published several poems including "coffee and chocolates" and wrote songs for many super stars, including Asala, Rami Sabry, Ahmed Adaweya, Souad Massy, Ahmed Saad and Mohamed Assaf.

Taher presented several radio programs, including "The Way to Abdeen" and presented several television programs including "Masry Asly".

Moreover, he wrote several plays including "Afarit" in addition to the well-known cartoon series "Super Henidy".

Taher won several awards including the Best Writer Award in 2015 in the Youth Magazine poll, and the Best Book Award 2015 in the Library and Readers' Survey.

He currently writes articles in Akhbar Al-Youm and Al-Ahram newspapers. Previously, he used to write a daily article in Al-Tahrir newspaper and has written articles in Al-Masry Al-Youm, Al-Ahram Al-Riyadi magazine, Al-Ayn newspaper, Ahna magazine and other publications.

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