Egyptian, Syrian actors co-star in 'Mamalik el-Nar'



Wed, 19 Dec 2018 - 03:06 GMT


Wed, 19 Dec 2018 - 03:06 GMT

British director Peter Webber - Wikipedia

British director Peter Webber - Wikipedia

CAIRO – 19 December 2018: Historical series “Mamalek el-Nar” (Fire Mamluks) for British director Peter Webber is currently being filmed.

A number of Egyptian and Syrian stars will cooperate in the much anticipated series, including Khaled el-Nabawy, Mahmoud Nasr, Syrian actress Kinda Hanna, Syrian actor Rashid Assaf, Syrian mega star Mona Wassef, and Egyptian veteran actor Mahmoud el-Gendy.

Syrian actress Kinda Hanna Twitter
Syrian actress Kinda Hanna - Twitter

Syrian actor Rashid Assaf Wikipedia
Veteran Syrian actor Rashid Assaf- Wikipedia

The series portrays and documents the last period of the Mamluk rule and its defeat by the Ottomans in the early 16th century, highlighting a period of the Arab history rich in events, and revealing many facts about this era.

The series will be one of the world's largest drama productions in 2019. The historical series also includes a number of international stars working in the global drama industry. Global make-up artists from Italy, Colombia and Australia, including Luigi Marchioni, who worked with international directors such as Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore and Ridley Scott, will participate in the series.

Khaled Muhammad el-Nabawy is an Egyptian actor who has significant roles in the cinema, theater and television.

Khaled el-Nabawy Twitter
Egyptian Star Khaled el-Nabawy - Twitter

Nabawy was born in Mansoura, Egypt, and was introduced to cinema by director Youssef Chahine in 1994, in his film “Al-Mohager” (The Immigrant) which achieved unprecedented success at the time of its release.

Furthermore, Nabawy was awarded the All African Film Award for best actor for his role in the film, and also won the Horus Award for best supporting actor for “Al-Maseer” (The Destiny) at Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema.

The Egyptian star attended the Institute of Performing Arts. His roles in Hollywood include “Mullah”, the first advisor to Saladin, portrayed by Ghassan Massoud in the blockbuster film “Kingdom of Heaven”. He also played the role of Hamed, an Iraqi scientist in the film "Fair Game".

The famed Egyptian star was a high profile supporter of the 2011 Egyptian revolution both in the media and also, at times, personally protesting in the streets.

Peter Webber is a British director who is best known for his debut feature film “Girl with a Pearl Earring” and “Hannibal Rising”.

Webber moved to Qatar in 2008 where he took up the post of creative director at Qatar National Day for two years. During this time, he developed their film program.

While in Qatar, the British director also executively produced several documentary films including Sarajevo Film Festival winner "For the Love of Books”, which was also the recipient of a Grierson Award in 2012 for Best Historical Documentary.



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