A scene from “Ali Beih Mazhar” play - Egypt Today. A scene from “Ali Beih Mazhar” play - Egypt Today.

Veteran Comedian Mahmoud al-Qala’wy passes away on Dec. 10

Tue, Dec. 11, 2018
CAIRO – 11 December 2018: Veteran Egyptian Comedian Mahmoud al-Qala’awi passed away on Dec. 10, leaving behind numerous distinguished roles in cinema, theater and drama. The late actor was mostly known for his role as “Shawkat” in “El-Joker” play.

In one of his TV interviews, Qala’awy mentioned that theater was the reason behind his fame. After years of artistic contributions in numerous fields, the late veteran actor decided to retire completely, as the current conditions in the theatre and drama scenes were no longer suitable for him.

ET portrays the late actor’s most significant theatrical roles:

"El-Joker" was of the late actor's most significant theatrical work, where he starred alongside Mohamed Sobhi. The play achieved great success.

“Ali Beih Mazhar”:
This play is also one of the best known works of the late comedian. He also co-starred alongside veteran actor Mohamed Sobhi, Enaam Salousa, Mohsen Mohiedine, Azza Kamal and others. The play was written by Lenin el-Ramly and directed by Ahmad Badr al-Deen.

“Ana We Meraty we Monika” (Me, my wife and Monika):
This play also starred Qala'awy alongside veteran comedian Samir Ghanem, Talaat Zakaria, Nermin al-Fiqy and others. It was written by Ahmed al-Ebiary and directed by Mohamed el-Sherif and Mahmoud abu Jalila.

“Al Moshakes” (The Nuisance):
This play was one of the late actor’s most successful theatrical works during the 90’s. The play starred Mohamed Negm, Mimi Gamal, Nagi Saad and others. The play was written by Yusri al-Ebiary and directed by Mahmoud abu Jalila.

“Knas Wanas” (Cleaner and People):
This was Qala’awy's last role before he decided to retire completely. The play was launched in 2013 and starred Ahmed Bedier, Madhar Abol Naga and Eman el-Sayed. The play was written by Ahmed al-Ebiary and directed by Ahmed Bedier.
The late actor died at the age of 79 after a fierce struggle with illness.

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