Jasmi, the 1st Arab singer to participate in Concerto di Natale



Tue, 11 Dec 2018 - 09:54 GMT


Tue, 11 Dec 2018 - 09:54 GMT

Hussein Al-Jasmi-File Photo

Hussein Al-Jasmi-File Photo

CAIRO – 11 December 2018: Emirati Super star Hussein al-Jasmi will be the first Arab singer to participate in Concerto di Natale, the annual charity Christmas concert held in the Vatican at Paul VI Audience Hall.

"I am always happy to contribute to charitable work to create a world that dignifies life, respect, equality and peace among religions and nations; these are the principals that were instilled inside us in the Emirates,"Jasmi commented on his participation in the concert.

He added that the United Arab Emirates embraces the values of tolerance, moderation and accepting others.

Jasmi will perform accompanied by the Grand Orchestra conducted by Maestro Renato Serio. Concerto di Natale will be aired on Canale 5 on the Italian TV and Mediaset television network.

The Emirati star is considered one of the most influential Arab singers having achieved great success in the Egyptian community as his songs were always associated with socialand political events that Egyptians witnessed over the past few years.

He released his first single "Bawada'ak" (Farewell) in 2002 followed by "WallahMayiswa" (Not Worth It) and "Bassbour Al-Fourgakom" (Farewell Passport).

The star performed the songs of the Egyptian series “MahadeshMertah” (No One is Happy) and “Ba’ad El-Forak” (After the Farewell).

Moreover, Jasmi performed several national songs for Egypt, Qatar, KSA and Kuwait. He is considered the ambassador of peace and love in the GCC region.

The star was nominated for the World Music Award for World’s Best Live Act in 2014, World’s Best Entertainer 2014 and World’s Best Male Artist 2014.

The World Music Awards is an international awards show based in Monte Carlo. It is worth noting that in the past years, Jasmisang numerous songs in the love of Egypt such as “BushratKhair” (Good News), which was greatly admired by Egyptian nationals, gaining unprecedented success at the time of its release.



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