Maged el-Kedwany celebrates his birthday Dec. 10


Mon, 10 Dec 2018 - 03:21 GMT

Maged el-Kedwany - Facebook.

Maged el-Kedwany - Facebook.

CAIRO – 10 December 2018: Famed Egyptian actor Maged el-Kedwany celebrates his birthday on Dec. 10. Kedwany is one of the most significant actors in Egypt.

Kedwany presented numerous distinctive roles that are carved in the minds of his fans. The famed actor faced several obstacles and challenges before reaching stardom, and engraving his name among the stars of his generation. At the beginning of his acting career, Kedwany felt frustrated and had a feeling he would not succeed. Soon after, the frustrated actor received a phone call from comedy legend Adel Imam.

Imam’s phone call was short but had a great impact on Kedwany. “Don’t focus on the profits and let the market place you where you belong and deserve to be placed; just do what you can do best and give it your fullest potential,” Imam told Kedwany.

Maged el-Kedwany is an Egyptian actor. He began acting in the 1990s, playing supporting roles. He won the Muhr Arab - Feature Best Actor Award for his role in “678” from Dubai International Film Festival. He participated in dozens of films, including the most well-known films of the 1990s like "Afareet el-Asphalt" (Asphalt Ghosts) in 1996 and "Saidi fel Gamea al-Amrikeya" (Saidi at the American University in Cairo) in 1998.

His other films include "Harameya Fe KG2" (KG2 Thieves), "Harameya fe Thailand" (Thieves in Thailand), "Al-Ragel al-Abyad al-Motawaset" (Average White Guy), and "Khaly min el-Kolesterol" (Cholesterol-Free). In 2012, he appeared in two high-profile movies, "Haflet Montasaf al-Leil" (Midnight Party) and "Sa'aa we Nos" (Hour and a Half).

Maged has also made several television appearances, which include roles in "Nahnu la Nazra' Al Sha-k" ( we don’t grow thorns), “Al-Farar Men Al-Hob” (Running from love), “Al-Shara’a Al-Jadeed”, “Zizinia” and “Arabesque”.



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