Rania Youssef to take part in an International movie



Mon, 10 Dec 2018 - 12:22 GMT


Mon, 10 Dec 2018 - 12:22 GMT

FILE- Egyptian controversial actress Rania Youssef

FILE- Egyptian controversial actress Rania Youssef

CAIRO –10 December 2018: Famous controversial actress Rania Youssef unveils her participation in an international movie after the huge attack she was subjected to following wearing a revealing dress in the closing ceremony of Cairo International Film Festival.

"I signed a contract to shoot a movie in Hollywood; that's real," Youssef stated
"I will not wear the same dress for sure. I am an Egyptian actress and I am proud to keep our customs and traditions," Youssef said on MBC Misr.

"I did not mean to provoke the public; it was unintentional," she stressed.

Rania Youssef caused a great havoc on social media, as the actress appeared during the closing ceremony of the CIFF's 40th round with a dress the public deemed as inappropriate.

Thus, a set of lawsuits was issued against her due to her immoral and lubricious act that does not suit the Egyptian conservative society.

"I respect all opinions and comments, even of those who called me names but it was not my fault," Youssef replied to the public's harsh comments.

Youssef previously denied deliberately provoking the public during her presence in Cairo International Film Festival's closing ceremony, clarifying that she would never risk her long career.

The Egyptian actress revealed on “Mas’a Dmc” (DMC evening) program that something went wrong with the dress' interior cloth, and suddenly she found herself in front of cameras and it was too late to fix anything with her dress.

“I am not a foolish person; I've spent more than 25 years trying to build my name as an actress. I wouldn’t risk it all for something like that. I'm not young or immature. I have daughters to raise, one is 18 years old and the other is 15 years old. I surely didn’t do that intentionally.", said Youssef.



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