Netflix to release 4 movies in December


Sat, 08 Dec 2018 - 12:35 GMT



CAIRO – 8 December 2018: Netflix is set to release four movies that include a set of Mega stars and fit all tastes, according to Indiewire.

First: "Roma"

The thriller tackles the life of a middle-class family who lives in the 70s, and faces lots of problems and obstacles. Marina De Tavira plays the lead-role besides Nancy García and Veronica Garcia.

Second: "The Lobster"

A science fiction where single people are to be sent to a hotel, as per the laws of the city, to find suitable partners within 45 days; otherwise, they will be fired from the whole city. The film includes Colin Farrell and Jessica Barden.

Third: "8 Miles"

The movie revolves around the life of Jamie Smith who strives to make his way to fame and achieve success. Mega star Eminem is the lead actor, with Evan Jones and Brittany Murphy as costars.

Fourth: "Bird Box"

The movie narrates the life of a woman and a group of children who are challenged to get through a river Blindfolded. Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson are the two lead actresses in the film.



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