Nominees of Sheikh Zayed Book Awards announced


Thu, 06 Dec 2018 - 03:21 GMT

Sheikh Zayed Book Awards Official Logo - Egypt Today

Sheikh Zayed Book Awards Official Logo - Egypt Today

CAIRO – 6 December 2018: The 13th edition of Sheikh Zayed Book Awards announced on Dec.6 the list of nominees competing under the Young Authors category, which includes twelve out of 365 entries.

The long list of contestants includes the following narrative works: “A’yad al-sheta’ (Winter festivals) by Syrian writer Nagham Haidar, “Mot yashtahy al-ward” (Death that lusts for flowers) by Saudi writer Hassan bin Abdu Samili, “La Reh Lel Nay” (Flute without air) by Emirati writer Busha Abdullah, “Al-Hadeqa dakhel al-bait” (The Garden within the House) by Jordanian writer Abdullah Abu Bakr, "Hamam al-Dar al-Azraq" (Pigeons of the blue house) by Kuwaiti writer Saud al-Sanousi, and "Shahriar” by Moroccan writer Tawfiq Pamida.

Meanwhile, the studies and researches competing are: "Revival of the Sciences of Alexandria: From Greek to Arabic" by Egyptian writer Radwa Zaki, "A Thorough Reading of Concepts and Interpretive Processes" by Egyptian writer Tharwat Morsi, "Knowledge and Power: Approaching the Worlds of Michel Foucault," by Moroccan writer Omar al-Tour, "The Spirit of Values and Freedom of Concepts Towards the Re-linking and Integration of the Value System and the Social Sciences" and " What Remains to be Founded by Art: Approaches in Ballet, Opera and Composition" by Algerian writer Bahaa bin Nawar and “Africans are not Like Us” by Lebanese writer Mohamed Turzi.

It is worth noting that the long list has been announced in the branches of Arts, Development and State Building, Arts and Monetary Studies, Children's Literature and Youth, and the rest of the branches will be announced in the coming weeks.



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