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Sat, 27 Oct 2018 - 09:30 GMT


Sat, 27 Oct 2018 - 09:30 GMT

Dina Mandour - Egypt Today

Dina Mandour - Egypt Today

CAIRO – 27 October 2018: Dina Mandour, head of the awards granting section in the General Egyptian Book Organization, revealed that French magazine, Livres De France, wrote about her within the magazine’s celebration of the overseas literature translation.

The French magazine's article tackled Mandour's literature expertise, translations and writings, especially after she completed numerous translations from Arabic to French and vice versa.

Mandour stated on her official page on Facebook that the article was titled “Dina Mandour, the voice of the Francophone in the land of the Pyramids”.

“There is no doubt I am extremely happy with this choice, even though I have never been honored to meet the employees of the magazine and its superiors,” commented Mandour to Youm7.

"The reason why I have been chosen amongst the best Arab translators is because I have always translated articles that illustrate the French culture and spirit to the Arabic language," continued Mandour.

“Surely, choosing an Egyptian symbol the French people know very well, the pyramids of Giza, to mention in the title stresses my nationality as an Egyptian,” asserted Mandour.

"To the French people, a Francophone is a non-French that speaks or attempts to speak the French language," Mandour explained.

Thirty-five year-old Dina Mandour is one of the rising stars of translation. Born in Egypt, this lover of the French language took an honors degree in the French language and literature from Tanta University, then studied at the Centre Français de Culture et de Coopération in Cairo to perfect her skills.

After a period at the Supreme Council for culture and as director of human resources at the Egyptian Telecommunications Company, she decided to devote her time to translation.

Since 2011, Mandour has translated works for Gallimard, Plon and Robert Laffont, amongst others.



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