Know Your Man: Ismail Fouad Kassem's Manual to understand the Middle Eastern man's mindset



Sun, 14 Oct 2018 - 12:09 GMT


Sun, 14 Oct 2018 - 12:09 GMT

Ismail Fouad Kassem answering to questions

Ismail Fouad Kassem answering to questions

Sunday 14 October 2018 - Ismail Fouad Kassem is a Life Coach, entrepreneur and an author, released his first book "Know Your Man" by Roznameh Publishing House. The book signing event took place in Virgin Mega store in the Fifth Settlement yesterday in the presence of media, fans and followers of Ismail on his social media outlets.

The book presents valuable insights and tips to all women from a man's perspective. The book takes you in a journey into the Middle Eastern man’s mindset, showcasing how can women win his mind and heart. The author believes that women should be comfortable showing their feminine vulnerable side, keeping in mind the fact that men and women do see things through different perspectives.

The book also thoroughly displays a wide range of male character types and sets smart strategies in handling each type; while alerting women of the most common red flags to detect before it's too late.

Finally, the author encourages each woman to focus on developing herself, understanding her strength and growing her ambition. Not only would this create a strong platform for her as a human being; but it would also resonate with men, who would perceive her as more enigmatic and attractive which will enable her to make a stronger impression. The author also advises the woman to use both her intelligence and intuition to read between the lines; and to be sensitive to her partner's spontaneous behavior in different situations, such as anger, anxiousness and pressure because these will reveal his true colors and give away any masks he may be wearing intentionally or at the beginning of the relation.

It is worth noting that the event was held in Cairo Festival City Virgin Megastore. Numerous fans attended and engaged in a casual discussion with kassem, in which he welcomed most questions directed to him mostly by female attendees who enjoyed and encouraged Kassem to write more books about the same topic.

An Entrepreneur; Life Coach and an Author, Ismail Fouad Kassem started as a Life Coach on social media through live videos; and grew an impressive base of followers and fans in and outside Egypt.

Ismail is an MBA holder, and an AUC graduate with degrees in Political Science and Psychology. He is also a certified practitioner in NLP, Time Line therapy, Hypnosis; and is also a Reiki Healer.

Ismai Fouad Kassem book Know Your Man  كتاب اعرفي رجلك وعلمي عليه لاسماعيل فؤاد قاسم
Ismail Fouad Kassem new book



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