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'Damascus-Aleppo' wins Best Arabic Movie Award in AIFF

Tue, Oct. 9, 2018
CAIRO – 9 October 2018: “Damascus-Aleppo” won the BestArabic Movie Award in Alexandria International Film Festival for Mediterranean countries (AIFF); the festival'sclosing ceremony was held in Bibliotheca Alexandrina on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018.

The movie starsveteran Syrian actor DuraidLaham, who was granted the Best Acting Award during the AIFF closing ceremony.

- The Best Acting Award was also granted to Syrian actress Suzan Najmal-Deenfor her role in the film "Rose".

- Moroccan actress SaeedaBaady was granted an award for her role in “Samt el-Farashat” (Silence of the butterflies) and for her role in “Lola Roh”.

- Best Female Supporting Actress Award was granted to Lebanese star Karla Abood for her role in “Al-Shaheed”.

- Best Male Supporting Actor Award was granted to Syrian actor GhassanMassoud for his role in “ketabaalael-Thalj” (Writing on Ice).

- Rashid Mash-harawy was granted the Best Director Award for “ketabaala el-Thalj”.

- Tunisian actor Abdel MoneemChouayat was granted an award for his role in “MostafaZad”.

- Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Awardwas granted to Lebanese film “Al-Shaheed” (The Martyr).

- Spanish movie,"Me during the day, won the Best Movie Award

- The festival’s judging committee granted its prize to the Croatian film “Coal Miner”. The director of the film was granted Mahmoud Abdel Aziz’s Award.

- Omar al-Sharif Best Actor Award was granted to Croatian star JaycoFinch for his role in “BelaHazl” (Without Nonsense).

- Spanish Garcia Johnson won FatenHamamaAwardfor her role in the movie “Me during the day”.

- Moroccan Movie “Dwar al-Boom” (Boat Turner) won the Jerusalem Award for the best artistic work.

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