Mostafa Rizk to perform jazz concert on Oct. 6


Thu, 04 Oct 2018 - 03:09 GMT

Mostafa Rizk - Egypt Today

Mostafa Rizk - Egypt Today

CAIRO – 4 October 2018: Egyptian singer and composer Mostafa Rizk is currently preparing to perform live on the Underground Theatre in Mohandeseen district on Oct. 6 at 9 p.m.

Rizk is considered by many as an underground jazz icon. Rizk is originally a civil engineer, but that did not stop him from gaining unprecedented success upon releasing his first album “Bab el-Louq”.

The singer uses positive lyrics and jazz rhythms, creating an atmosphere filled with happiness and positive vibes. Among Rizk's songs that achieved booming success are “Mashya al-tareek” (Walking Along the Way) and “Shaftet Bon” (A sip of Coffee).

Composer, singer and songwriter Rizk may have uprooted from Aswan many years back, but certainly kept his authentic Upper Egyptian charm thriving in his music. Blending jazz and blues with an oriental twist.

Mostafa Rizk . Mabsoot Kteer مصطفي رزق . مبسوط كتير

مبسوط كتير كلمات مصطفي الجارحي لحن مصطفي رزق توزيع موسيقي احمد الصاوي ميكساج و ماستر ديجيتال عصام السحرتي اغنيه مبسوط كتير هي الاغنيه الثانيه في البوم باب اللوق للفنان مصطفي رزق و سيتم طرح الالبوم كاملا تدريجيا علي هذه الصفحه مبسوط كتير حاسس باني خرجت مني عشان اطير كتير كتير



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