RamezGalal– Part of the interview/Youtube RamezGalal– Part of the interview/Youtube

Comedian Ramez Galal in tears for Minya victims

Sat, May. 27, 2017
CAIRO – 27 May 2017: Notorious Egyptian comic-TV show presenter Ramez Galal condemned the Friday attack on a bus in Minya, Upper Egypt, transporting around 50 Christians, leaving 29 dead, mostly children.

In a Friday interview with MBC Masr TV host Sherif Amer on the “Yahdoth Fi Masr” (Happening in Egypt) talk-show, Galal, bursting into tears, saying that the nature of people who are behind such horrendous acts is impossible to understand.

A masked group armed with machine guns, driving three pickup trucks, intercepted the bus and immediately opened fire at the worshippers who were headed to perform prayers at the Saint Samuel Monastery, located outside the city.

“I imagined if my son was one of those worshippers,” Galal told Amer in a voice choked with sorrow. “We must all offer our deepest condolences to those people who lost their children, may God grant them equanimity.”

In a harshly-worded speech on Friday, President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi denounced the attack and vowed to wage war against “extremist forces” on behalf of the whole world.

The attack comes one month after the Egyptian leader declared a three-month state of emergency in the aftermath of the two church bombings that killed at least 44 people in Tanta and Alexandria.
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