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Saint Samuel Coptic Orthodox Monastery history

Fri, May. 26, 2017
CAIRO – 26 May 2017: The shooting which targeted a bus carrying more than 40 Coptic Christians on their way to the Saint Samuel Monastery took place on Friday, leaving dozens dead and injured. Egypt today will give a glimpse into the history of this Ancient Monastery.

Saint Samuel the confessor is a Coptic Orthodox saint who was born in 597 AD and recognized in all the Orthodox churches. His father was keen to teach him how to be close to god and obey God’s commands. It was said that at this early age he was fasting to sunset, he was regularly praying and bound to the church. When he grew up, his parents wanted him to marry, but he told them that he wanted to be a monk.

Saint Samuel who is known as Samuel of Kalamoun built this monastery in Kalamoun Mountain and it was named after him. He was described as the confessor because he was tormented for his strong Christian beliefs.

The monastery is located about 230 kilometers south of Cairo along the Cairo Assiut Western dessert Road. The Saint Samuel monastery contains five churches, a residence for the monks, a guesthouse, gardens, in addition to a number of buildings tailor made to serve the community. The monks cultivate the land surrounding the monastery. They are intellectual and well educated. Some of the monks have bachelor degrees, others have higher degrees to be doctors, dentists, engineers and other professions.

The monks have an excellent relationship with the Bedouins and the neighboring Muslim villages’ inhabitants. Being a monk in the Saint Samuel monastery requires a great deal of preparation. The monastery pays close attention to the monk’s talents like singing, painting, engineering or even medicine.
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