Maryam Saleh competes for AFRIMA Award


Sun, 23 Sep 2018 - 03:01 GMT

Maryam Saleh - Egypt Today.

Maryam Saleh - Egypt Today.

CAIRO – 23 September 2018: Maryam Saleh competes for the Best Singer in North Africa award. The winners of the AFIRMA will be announced in Ghana in Nov. 2018.

Saleh’s name was added to the list of potential winners of the African Music Awards (AFRIMA), which is considered one of the most significant music festivals in the African continent. Saleh is competing for the award through her popular song “Ekaa' Maksour” (Broken Rhythm), which is part of her new music album “Lekhfa” (Disappearance), released in co-operation with Palestinian artist Tamer Abu Ghazaleh and Egyptian Maurice Louca.

Saleh, Abu Ghazaleh and Louca are established solo artists in the alternative Arabic music scene. Together, they draw on Egyptian shaabi, pop and psychedelia to produce an off-kilter sound. Their new, eponymous album uses the edgy dystopian poetry of Mido Zoheir to remarkable effect.

"The name 'Lekhfa' literally means 'to make something invisible'," Abu Ghazaleh, the band's vocalist and composer, told RFI. "It was more of a joke at first and then it turned into something that each of us saw as relevant to the music in a different way."

The band's blend of genres: working class political music from Cairo known as shaabi, to psychedelia and pop, and use of instruments like slide guitars, oud and buzuq result in an exciting, dissonant sound.

Ekaa Maksour - Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca, Tamer Abu Ghazaleh #Lekhfa [Official Audio]

Download the full #Lekhfa album here - Lekhfa - Ekaa Maksour Lyrics: Mido Zoheir Compositions and arrangments: Maryam Saleh - Maurice Louca - Tamer Abu Ghazaleh Translations by Weaam El Tamami Rhythm broken into four quarters drilling illusion into listening ears a devil in lies a long arm in



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