Three plays to be performed as part of CIFCET Sept. 16


Sun, 16 Sep 2018 - 03:57 GMT

Syrian National Theatre Group - ET

Syrian National Theatre Group - ET

CAIRO – 16 September 2018: Three plays will be performed Sept. 16 as part of the events of the Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre.

Egyptian play “Drama el-Shahateen” (Beggars' Drama), directed by Mohamed Rakh, will be performed at 9 p.m. on El-Salam Theatre.

Meanwhile, a Syrian play written by Mohamed Deeban and Osama Hefeiry will be performed on Miami Theatre at 5 p.m. Also, the Jordanian play “Hamlet Ba’ad Heen” (Hamlet After a While) will be performed at the National Theatre at 7 p.m.

“Hamlet Ba’ad Heen” is written by Mamdouh Udwan and directed by Zeid Mostafa.

Moreover, El-Ghad Theatre will host “Elrawa’a” (Magnificence) at 7p.m. on Sept.17. “Elrawa’a” revolves around the national dances of all countries. The play is directed and written by Pesso Kubrishvili.

It is worth mentioning that a Syrian play titled “Hn” was supposed to be performed on the Metropole Theatre. The play is directed and written by Anna Akash. However, the Syrian National Theatre Group performing the play was not able to make it to Cairo because of delays regarding official entry visas and plane tickets.

The play’s director blamed the festival’s management for this incident, which urged the festival’s management to reply with an official statement clarifying the situation.



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