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Netflix releases 'Nightflyers' trailer

Mon, Aug. 20, 2018
CAIRO – 20 August 2018: Netflix released the first trailer for the new thriller/science fiction series “NightFlyers”.

Nightflyers | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Who can they trust when humanity is at stake? From the mind of George R. R. Martin, Nightflyers is a psychological thriller, set in deep space on the eve of Earth's destruction. A crew of explorers journey on the most advanced ship in the galaxy, The Nightflyer, and work to intercept a mysterious alien spacecraft that might hold the key to the planet's survival.

The series portrays the imaginary settings of the year 2093, where a team of scientists get on board the most advanced sea vessel and assigned to discover new faces of life. The ship eventually reaches the edge of the solar system as the scientists wander in their search in the wide space.

The team realizes that real danger resides nearer than anyone’s expectations; in their ship, and not the solar space as they previously thought.

The series is based on George Martin's book of the same name and stars Bronte Carmichael, Philip Rees, Miranda Raison and others.

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