Part of the Recovered Ancient Coins – Egypt Today. Part of the Recovered Ancient Coins – Egypt Today.

Tourism and Antiquities Police recover 83 ancient coins

Sun, Aug. 19, 2018
CAIRO – 19 August 2018: Bahgat Lotfy Soliman, 35, was detained by the Tourism and Antiquities Police, as Major General Nageh Zaki, head of the Tourism and Antiquities Undercover Department, received information that soliman possesses ancient coins and intends to illegally sell them.

A total of 621 pieces were found in Soliman’s house after a search warrant was issued. The ancient pieces go back to the ancient Greek and Roman eras. Furthermore, Mohamed Metwally, a 25-year old student, was later arrested for the illegal possession of ancient antiquities. Seven ancient Egyptian pieces were found in his possession, three of which are 10 cm carved stones.

In the campaign launched by the police to purge the country from those who are oblivious to the real value of such national treasures, a total of 83 ancient Egyptian pieces were confiscated by the police. Among the 83 antiquities recovered were 53 ancient Greek and Roman coins.

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