Salah el-Din Citdael - cc via: Mahmoud Salah el-Din Citdael - cc via: Mahmoud

Hisham Abbas to perform in Citadel Festival Aug.15

Wed, Aug. 15, 2018
CAIRO – 15 August 2018: Salah el-Din Citadel International Festival for Music and Singing hosts on Aug.15 a concert performed by star Hisham Abbas and his personal band at 10 p.m. on the Mahka Theatre 2.

Abbas is going to perform a selection of his most successful romantic songs from the 90’s, such as “Ya Leila” (O Night), “Habibi Da” (My Lover), “Omi al-Habiba” (Dear Mother), and others.

Additionally, Fathy Salama and Sheikh Mahmoud el-Tohami are going to perform Sufi religious recitals and songs on the Mahka 1 Theatre at 8 p.m.

The performance comes as part of Salama's series of concerts in which he promotes the Sufi vision through old Sufi songs and recitals that got renovated by him and Tohami.

The Citadel festival is going to come to a closure on Aug. 17. Renowned singer Hany Shaker performed the opening concert of the festival, followed by Tunisian singer Ghalia Benali, Ali el-Haggar, Magd el-Kassem, Iman el-Bahr Darwish, Mohamed el-Helw, Nadia Mostafa, Loai and many others.

It is worth noting that Salah el-Din Citadel is a medieval Islamic fortress located on the Mokattam hill, famous for its fresh breeze and spectacular views of Cairo.

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