Alhadraa band performs at Saladin Citadel


Fri, 10 Aug 2018 - 10:35 GMT

Alhadraa Band - Alhadraa official Facebook page.

Alhadraa Band - Alhadraa official Facebook page.

CAIRO – 10 August 2018: Alhadraa band performed one of its biggest concerts in Saladin Citadel. This concert comes as a celebration for the band’s third birthday which is in almost a week’s time.

Alhadraa is considered to be one of the most famous musical bands in Andean Music, which has recently attracted people's attention. It is the first independent band to adopt the theme of the Sufi Hadraa to sing as a group based on the idea of chanting and religious singing. Their most famous songs are “Bardat Al Boseiry” and “Enny Jaaltoka fil Fouad Mohadathy”.

Alhadraa is interested in Sufi songs to convey the spiritual state of the Egyptian traditions of Sufi methods in Egypt and all that is related to God’s names or the praises of the Prophets.



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