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Sun, 05 Aug 2018 - 03:39 GMT


Sun, 05 Aug 2018 - 03:39 GMT

National Theatre Festival closing ceremony - cc via: Youm 7

National Theatre Festival closing ceremony - cc via: Youm 7

CAIRO – 5 August 2018: The judging committee in the National Theatre Festival announced award winners, with most of the names announced meeting the expectations of observers and critics.

Several names were awarded during the festival, the following being the most significant:

“Mosafer Eleil” (Night Traveler) was granted a special award for performance using the grammatically complex Arabic dialect. The play was granted an additional award for its hero’s Alaa Koka.

The play “Qale’et Elmot” (Citadel of Death) was awarded the ‘best physical’ performance on stage in addition to the award for best scenography and lightning.
The main hall in the Egyptian Opera House hosted the National Theatre Festival, lead by Dr. Hassan Ateya. The festival this year held the name of veteran writer Mahmoud Diab.

The festival witnessed a vigorous competition among 37 plays, in the presence of Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem and the elites of the Egyptian theatrical scene.
The festival’s 11th round awards were granted by artist Samira Abdel Aziz, head of the judging committee.

The artist commented that the dramatic works competing in the festival this year have increased compared to participations in previous years, which is a clear indication that Egyptian drama is on the right track of development and improvement offering valuable dramatic works to the Egyptians and Arabs.

The show “Snow white” achieved the award for Best Theatrical Play which is estimated to be worth LE 35,000. Mohsen Rizq, the director of the play was granted the Best Director award, which is valued to be worth LE 30,000.

Moreover, the Best Actress Award was granted to the play’s starring actress Marwa Abdel Men’em. The prize is estimated to be worth LE 25,000.
Poet Khaled Al-Shibany was awarded a certificate of appreciation for the sublimity of the poetry used in the play.

Part of the shows - cc via Youm7

“Drama El Shahatin’ (The Beggars’ Drama) was ranked second in terms of awards granted in the festival. The play won the second rank in the Best Show Award and LE 30,000.
The director of the show Mohamed Elrakh was awarded the prize for best promising director which is estimated to be worth LE 15,000. The hero of the show, Mohamed Nasif was awarded the prize for Best Promising Actor worth LE 15,000.

The play “Qale’et Elmot” (Citadel of Death) was granted a few awards as well such as Best Physical Performance on stage. The award is estimated to be worth LE 20,000.

Part of the shows during the festival - cc via: Youm7

The show “Salem Nafsak” (Surrender) was granted the award for Best Team-Play.
A documentary was played around the closure of the festival, “Shams Elmasrah Elmasry” (Sun of the Egyptian Theatre) which shed light on the important activities of the festival in its 11th round. The documentary is directed by Ali Dawood, montage by Ayman Mahfouz, narrated by Khaled Hilal, filmed by Mohamed Farouk Michael Saeed and Mostafa Yehia.

The closing ceremony of the National Theatre Festival was launched by playing the show “Nefsy” (I Wish) starring actress Reem Ahmad.



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