Mounshid Zain Mahmoud to perform at Al Moez


Fri, 03 Aug 2018 - 11:07 GMT

Zain Mahmoud - Youtube.

Zain Mahmoud - Youtube.

CAIRO – 3 August 2018: Egyptian artist Sheikh Zain Mahmoud is getting ready to hold his first summer concert at Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi Street on Aug. 10. The concert will be held at 8 p.m.

Sheikh Zain was born in Minya Governorate and was originally a Praiser.

He became a famous Mounshid when he travelled to Cairo and met with Sayed El Dawy, the Mounshid of “Seera Helaleya” in Egypt, and he taught him how to sing. He also met with the Arghoul player, Mostafa Abdel Aziz.

France became his major starting point after successfully singing in the country. He has also performed at most European countries.

His first album was produced in Paris by the Arab World Institute. One of his famous songs, “Yabky wa Yadhak” (He Laughs and Cries), is included in the movie “Bab El Shams” (The Sun’s door). The movie was directed by Yousry Nasr Allah.



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