International Festival of Carthage between musical sublimity and metal



Wed, 01 Aug 2018 - 07:32 GMT


Wed, 01 Aug 2018 - 07:32 GMT

File: Tunisian band Myrath

File: Tunisian band Myrath

CAIRO – 1 August 2018: The International Festival of Carthage, one of the biggest music festivals in the MENA region, is currently presenting a wide range of concerts for the most prominent singers in the Arab world.

The music festival has been held in the coastal Tunisian beauty Carthage since the year 1967.The big event is being held in its current edition simultaneously with the festival’s anniversary of overriding the Golden Jubilee, 4 years ago.

In this year's edition, numerous Arab and Tunisian artists are going to perform in the intriguing music event. The festival’s program is going to consist of 22 separate shows.

The music festival of Carthage is going to offer a magnificent blend of musical compositions by assigning several pioneers in the industry to perform, such as; Lebanese composer Marcel Khalife and Lebanese Soprano Majida el-Roumi, who is expected to meet her Tunisian fans on August 15.

majda roumy file

Iraqi singer Kathem al-Saher is also set to perform on August 15. Moreover, Lebanese singer, Melhem Zein, is going to perform on August 2, 2018, followed by Palestinian young star Ameer Dandan on August 6.

Beautiful Tunisian singer, Yosra Mahnouch, is meeting her fans in Carthage on August 13, ending a series of music festivals she has recently attended, such as International De Gabes Festival, de Bizerte International Festival and several others.

The music genre ‘metal’ has always been controversial in the Arab world for several reasons and was generally considered taboo by many. However, metal is present in this year's edition of the International Festival of Carthage for the first time through the Tunisian band; Myrath.

Myrath is a Tunisian band performing for over a decade now; they performed numerous shows in Tunisia and in Europe and released four musical albums. Myrath performed a series of concerts in 2018, where 21 shows have already been performed in several locations in Europe and Japan.

The Tunisian metal band is going to carve their name in history post their participation in the International Festival of Carthage, presenting a new genre of music, metal, to their Tunisian and Arab fans for the first time.



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