Mohamed Sharaf, hero of comic supporting roles, dies at 55



Sat, 28 Jul 2018 - 04:19 GMT


Sat, 28 Jul 2018 - 04:19 GMT

Mohamed Sharaf - Egypt Today.

Mohamed Sharaf - Egypt Today.

CAIRO – 28 July 2018: Egyptian comic actor Mohmed Sharaf passed away on Friday at the age of 55 after a long struggle with heart disease.

Some may not know his name but all know his cheerful smile, sense of humor and smooth funny performance. Mohamed Sharaf wasn’t that big star whose name was written at the beginning of the movie poster or the series, but he was definitely another kind of hero whose sense of humor drew the smile on millions faces.

Despite always performing small roles, he managed to leave a significant mark on Egyptian drama. Sharaf’s funny jokes are immortal in our minds and hearts and we tell them to each other constantly.

“As long as I entered the field of drug dealing, I have to stay in it for not less than a year before I can transfer to another field.” “Slap me more, I want them a whole grand.” These were Sharaf’s unforgettable jokes in the movie “Zaki Shan” that we will never forget and which made us laugh from our hearts.

Sharaf appeared in only one scene in the Egyptian movie “ Zarf Tark” that made us burst into laughter. In “ Zarf Tark” he entered all of a sudden the apartment of Ahmed Helmy and said '' Hi , there is water in the refrigerator I am soo hungry''.

In the same scene Sharaf said other funny jokes such as ''I don’t belong to anyone, I am the president of myself'', “ My name is Bassiouny Mourad El Haywan” and ''I am an Egyptian so definitely I have to support the Nigerian team''.

He proved by this scene that the real hero is not the one who appears in many scenes but the one who manages to achieve the greatest impact, because the influence he achieved with one scene exceeded the influence many stars achieved in their movies.

Sharaf participated in many movies such as “Galatiny Mogreman” (She Made Me a Criminal), “Asf ‘Ala el Ezaag” (Sorry for Disturbance), “X Large”, “Sabaho Kedb” (A Morning Full of Lies), and “El Rahina” (The Hostage) among others. Sharaf appeared in most Egyptian star Ahmed Helmy’s movies, who mourned Sharaf saying that he was one of the kindest actors he had dealt with.

Egypt Today presents the best of Sharaf's scenes:



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