Abdelhafeez Eldozy named Best Moroccan Singer in 2018



Sun, 22 Jul 2018 - 01:40 GMT


Sun, 22 Jul 2018 - 01:40 GMT

Abdelhafeez Eldozy - youtube.

Abdelhafeez Eldozy - youtube.

CAIRO – 22 July 2018: Abdelhafeez Eldozy, the Moroccan singer, defeated Sa’ad Lemjarad’s ranking by Forbes Magazine.

The international magazine ranked Eldozy as one of the most recognized Arabian artists/singers that have gained universal fame in short periods of time in 2018.

Eldozy is currently ranked as the “King of the Moroccan Song” after being labelled by Forbes as the best Moroccan artist/singer among others, defeating his typical competitor Lemjarad, who wasn’t among the list of competitors for the current year.

The first four positions were occupied by Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny, followed by Lebanese singer Elissa, and American-Moroccan singer French Montana.

The following four positions were occupied by Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama, Iraqi musician/singer Kazem Elsaher, Lebanese singer Nancy Agram followed by Carol Samaha.

Eldozy ranked as the best artist for this current year because of the hard work and the great efforts the artist exerted this year, performing a song for the World Cup with Jason Derulo.

A telecom company chose Eldozy as their ambassador in the Arab world.

The singer also invaded the Egyptian music market with his songs for the first time this year.

Eldozy was chosen as the best Moroccan artist/singer for the current year twice, once locally in Morocco after being granted the Moroccan Music Award, and once on the international level after being granted the DAF Bama German award.

Sa’ad Lemjarad, Eldozy’s main competitor, was nominated twice for both awards, but he failed to win any of them.

Both artists will compete for the DAF Bama award again this year.



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