8 national songs in celebration of June 30 revolution



Sun, 30 Jun 2019 - 12:10 GMT


Sun, 30 Jun 2019 - 12:10 GMT

"Bushrat Khair" - Youtube

"Bushrat Khair" - Youtube

CAIRO – 30 June 2019: Six years have passed since June 30 revolution. Egypt celebrates the special day when millions of Egyptians took to the streets, revolted against the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and overthrew Brotherhood-affiliated President, Mohamed Morsi.

In the past 5 years, numerous songs were produced describing the victory of Egyptians against the terrorist regime.

Some of the songs are:

• "Teslam el Ayady" (Thank You):

This song was one of the most influential songs produced since June 30 revolution. It is composed and written by Mustafa Kamel. Numerous artists co-operated in the song such as Hakim, Ghada Ragab, Soma, khaled Agag, Mustafa Kamel, Hisham Abbas and Ihab Tawfiq.

The song was dedicated by the participating artists (Mustafa Kamel in particular) to the Egyptian military and President Abdel Fatah al-sisi, thanking them for saving Egyptians from the terrorist group that left Egypt in a state of devastation.

• "Teslam Edak" (Thank You):

This song was performed by Emirati star Hussein el-Jasmi in honor of the Egyptian army. The song is directed by Mohammed Mokhtar, written by Nader Abdullah, composed by Walid Saad and distributed by Tarek Abdul Jabbar.

• "Toba Foq Toba" (Brick on Brick):

Amal Maher sang this song written by Ayman Bahgat Amar, composed by Amr Mustafa and distributed by Ahmed el-Mogy. The song is a dedication from the University of Science and Technology to the Egyptian people.

• "Bushrat Khair" (Good News):

Performed by Jasmi, this song achieved booming success among Egyptians and gained humongous viewership on YouTube upon its release.
The song sends a very positive vibe and numerous people enjoyed dancing to its beat.
Jasmi dedicated this song to Egyptians after the revolution. It is written by Ayman Bahgat Amar, composed by Amr Mustafa and distributed by Toma.

• "Aash el Geish el Masri" (Long live Egyptian Army):

Folklore singer Amina performed this song written by Mahmoud Salah, and composed by Hassan Donya. This song was released during the presidential election at the time.

• "Belady" (My Country):

This song was performed by super star Mohammed Hamaky and gained massive success. It is written by Mohsen el-Khayat, composed by Baleegh Hamdy and distributed by Khaled Ezz. The song aimed to encourage the Egyptian people to stand against their country’s enemy and defend it by all means.

• "Taheya Lel Sha’ab el Masry" (Greetings to Egyptians):

Hamada Helal performed this song as a dedication to those who participated in the revolution. The song is composed and written by Mohammed Goma’a.

• "Ya Masriyeen" (Egyptians):

This song is written by Tamer Hussein and composed by Amr Mustafa. Amal Maher performs this song with her warm beautiful voice. The song has been released in two parts. Mustafa later recorded this song with his own voice after the great success it gained.



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