From Golan to England, TootArd begins summer tour in Liverpool



Mon, 28 May 2018 - 04:10 GMT


Mon, 28 May 2018 - 04:10 GMT

FILE - TootArd band

FILE - TootArd band

CAIRO – 28 May 2018: The band TootArd is going to start performing again on a tour called “SummerToot”, which will launch on July 6 in the English city of Liverpool.

TootArd is currently enjoying a much deserved temporary break after achieving great success in their previous season, when they performed in different locations worldwide during the months of April and May.

The band originally derives from the Golan Heights, Syria and will participate in their second edition of performances in the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival.

The festival is one of the most significant musical festivals in the United Kingdom that focuses on shedding light on the most prominent musical talents in the Arab world and getting them to perform for British audiences in a series of free concerts, offering a blend of Tunisian, Palestinian and Jordanian music.

Amal Mathloothy and 47 Band will also take part in the festival.

TootArd is considered one of the most prominent musical bands of Syrian origin.

The band started their musical career in the midst of the Israeli invasion of their land seven years ago. They tend to perform Arab tunes blended with classical Western notes, ending up with a beautiful musical mix.

“Haibaitek” (I Love You) and “Sahra” are the band’s most popular songs.

The band consists of five main artists:

• Hassan Nakhla: Guitarist and vocalist
• Ramy Nakhla: Drummer
• Shaady Owaidat: Guitarist
• Yazan Ibrahim: Guitarist
• Amro Madah: Saxophone Player



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