Four Egyptian stars present new characters in Ramadan



Sat, 26 May 2018 - 02:30 GMT


Sat, 26 May 2018 - 02:30 GMT

“Awalem Khafia” poster - Egypt Today.

“Awalem Khafia” poster - Egypt Today.

CAIRO – 26 May 2018: Four Egyptian stars are presenting new characters this Ramadan, achieving booming success and proving that creativity always lies outside the box.

Most of the actors prefer to perform the same role from a previous success, and the directors also usually assign the actors with the same roles to ensure a good performance, forgetting that high risk in most cases leads to high return.

However, this Ramadan, four risk-takers decided to chirp outside the squadron, boldly taking the decision to change their roles and reserve their places at the forefront of the Ramadan marathon.

Adel Emam

The most prominent actor in the Arab world, nicknamed “El Zaeem” (the leader), appears in his Ramadan series “Awalem Khafia” (Hidden Worlds) in a completely new role. The series is a suspenseful drama based on mysterious incidents, not a comedy as most of Emam’s previous series.

The most important comedian in the Arab world decided to leave his comfort zone and managed to grab attention with the role of Helal Kamel, a rebellious Egyptian journalist who strongly believes in principals and justice. Kamel comes across the memoirs of an Egyptian actress named Mariam Riad, titled “Awalem Khafia”, which contains confidential information incriminating influential people. Kamel insists on publishing them, putting his own life in danger. A series of corruption cases are gradually revealed by Kamel throughout the series.

Fathy Abdelwahab, Bushra, Rania Farid Shawky and Salah Abdallah join the iconic star in this series. Adel Emam’s son, Ramy Emam, directs this series, which is written by Amin Gamal and Mohamed Mehrez.

Mostafa Shaaban

mostafa Shaaban
Ayoub poster - Egypt Today

Each year, Shaaban used to present the role of a womanizing, rich man who sweet talks women and marries more than one – a Don Juan who all women are running after. However, this year, he makes a radical shift by playing the role of Ayoub in the series bearing the same name.

Ayoub is a bank employee who is wrongly accused of corruption and imprisoned. He suffers from injustice and betrayal by those who surround him, from his sister to his wife and neighbors. Despite suffering from liver fibrosis, he decides to study for a master’s degree in prison. Ayoub’s character has garnered widespread sympathy from the public, who praised Shaaban's performance and his ability to play different roles.

Ayten Amer, Hassan Hosny, Mohamed Lotfy, Merihan Hussein and Hana El Zahed co-star in the series, which is written by Mohamed el Sayed Beshir and directed by Ahmed Saleh.

Ghada Abdel Razek

Ded el Maghoul poster - Egypt Today

Abdel Razek presents a new dazzling role in “Dedd Maghoul” (Against the Unknown) this year, managing to gather both the sympathy and admiration of the audience, who praised the performance of Abdel Razek (Nada in the series).

“Dedd Maghoul” revolves around Nada, a married middle-class banker who faces problems with her husband because of her time-consuming job. After the two divorce, their daughter is raped and Nada decides to find the perpetrator herself.

The series contained two master scenes. The first scene was the rape and murder of Nada’s daughter, Reem, while the second shows Nada washing and burying her daughter. She remembers the most beautiful moments with her and then kisses her hand and head. The scene contains the painful contradiction between washing the daughter as a baby versus washing her corpse now. Most of the audience commented on the second scene by highly praising the dazzling performance of Abdel Razek, who succeeded in reflecting her deep sorrow and grief as a mother who lost her only daughter.

Hanan Motawe’, Rogina and Feras Said co-star in this suspense drama directed by Tarek Refaat and written by Ayman Salama.

Mai Ezzeldin

Rasayel poster- Egypt Today

Ezzeldin challenged herself while performing the role of Hala in “Rasayel” (Messages). For the first time, Ezzeldin performs the role of Hala, a veiled wife who was subjected to an accident after she began to receive messages from unknown people in her dreams.

The series houses a notable cast alongside Ezzeldin, including Khaled Selim, Ahmed Hatem, Maha Ahmed and Ramez Amir. “Rasayel” is written by Mohamed Soliman Abdel Malek and directed by Ibrahim Fakhr.



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