Zafer Abdeen Denies: Eugenie Nights and Grand Hotel are not the same


Mon, 21 May 2018 - 10:48 GMT

‘’ Layali Eugene’’ poster

‘’ Layali Eugene’’ poster

CAIRO – 21 May- 2018: Zafer Abdeen, the originally Tunisian star denied the rumors that recently spread stating that both the previous Ramadan Show, Grand Hotel, and the new Ramadan show this year, ‘’ Layali Eugenie ’’ (Eugenie Nights), have a lot in common.

Abdeen further explained that both the shows might have some aspects in common, such as the general decorations used in the filming and costumes.

However, Abdeen stated that the coming episodes are going to prove that both shows are totally different, each offering a different dramatic approach and story.

Star Amina Khalil participates for the first time with Abdeen in a television show, in which he complimented working with her describing her as a special actress.

The director of ‘’ Layali Eugenie ’’ is Hany Khalifa and the scriptwriters are Engy Al Qasim and Sama AbdulKhalek.



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