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Seminar on protection of cultural heritage in Alexandria

Fri, May. 12, 2017
CAIRO - 12 May 2017: The Swedish Institute Alexandria is inviting a group of archaeologists from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya along with an Egyptian archaeologist to discuss the protection of cultural heritage in their homes and share their experiences about it on Saturday May 13, 2017.

Speakers at the seminar will be Dr. Monica Hanna, Egyptologist and head of heritage department at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in Aswan, Ali Cheikhmous, Archaeologist and specialist in the architecture of the ancient Near East Syria.
In addition to, Ramadan Shaibani, Director of Technical Affairs for Tripoli Antiquities Department Archaeologist and researcher in Libya, and Khaled el-Ansy, Director of general authority for heritage and monuments in Yemen.

The seminar will be moderated by Mohamed Kenawi, and an Egyptologist and an archeologist.

The event is opened to any one; registration is only by sending one’s name and ID or passport to at register@swedalex.org.
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