Dubai TV channel will screen 4 Egyptian soap



Fri, 04 May 2018 - 11:40 GMT


Fri, 04 May 2018 - 11:40 GMT

“Nesr El Saeed” (The Hawk of Upper Egypt) series poster - Egypt Today

“Nesr El Saeed” (The Hawk of Upper Egypt) series poster - Egypt Today

CAIRO – 4 May 2018: Dubai TV channel will screen four Egyptian soap operas in Ramadan: “Nesr El Saeed” (The Hawk of Upper Egypt), “Dedd Maghoul” (Against an Anonymous), “Azmy and Ashgan” and “Layali Eugine” (The Nights of Eugine).

“Layali Eugine”

The series revolves around an Egyptian princess living in Egypt in the 1940s. The princess is accused of killing her husband, and while his brother tries to help her prove her innocence, a love story takes place between them. “Layali Eugine’s” cast includes Dhafer L’Abidine, Amina Khalil, Engy El-Mokadem, Entesar, Mourad Makram, and Mariam El-Khosht. The soap opera is written by Angy el-Kassem and Samaa Abdel Khalek and directed by Hany Khalifa.

“Dedd Maghoul”

Ghada Abdelrazeq stars as Nada, a married middle-class banker who faces problems with her husband because of her time-consuming job. After they divorce, their daughter is raped and Nada decides to find the perpetrator herself. Hanan Motawe’, Rogina and Feras Said co-star in this suspense drama directed by Tarek Refaat and written by Ayman Salama.

“Azmy and Ashgan”

Starring Hassan El-Raddad, Amy Samir Ghanem, Samir Ghanem, Nesrine Amin, Mohamed Tharwat and Malak Koura, this comedy soap opera is about a gang of two members, Azmy and Ashgan, who go through a series of funny situations, while being tailed by an officer tracking their every move.

“Nesr El Saeed”

Starring Mohamed Ramadan, Dorra, Sayed Ragab, Wafaa Amer, Dina, and Mahmoud El-Leithy, this series revolves around a police officer named Zain, played by Mohamed Ramadan, who lives in Qena and is married to a Cairene girl (Dorra) against the will of her family. After a fierce confrontation with an Upper Egyptian businessman involved in illegal business, Zain suddenly turns into a prisoner fighting to prove his innocence.

Ramadan is that time of year where we’ll be glued to our TVs or more likely our phones and iPads trying to cram in as many episodes of mosalsalat (soap operas) produced for the peak viewing season that is Ramadan.

It’s too early to decide who the forerunners this year will be, but after the runaway success of “Kalabsh” (Handcuffs) and “Zel El-Rais” (The President’s Shadow), all eyes are on Amir Karara and Yasser Galal.

A good soap opera to watch out for is “Bel-Hagm El-Aaeely” (Family Size), which sees megastars Mervat Amin and Yehia El-Fakharany teaming up for a much-hyped comedy series.



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