Nine things about Bushra not known before her TV interview



Tue, 01 May 2018 - 08:39 GMT


Tue, 01 May 2018 - 08:39 GMT

Bushra during her interview with Samar Yousry – Egypt Today.

Bushra during her interview with Samar Yousry – Egypt Today.

CAIRO – 1 May 2018: The TV program “Ana wa Ana” (Me and Me) presented by Egyptian TV host Samar Yousry on ON TV channel has proved to be a huge success with viewers, as it provides a closer and more intimate side of popular and famous celebrities.

Yet the success of the show has on some occasions relied on out-of-context statements, such as the alleged insults of Shereen Reda on the sound of mosques’ prayer calls or the attack that Ahmed Fahmi endured by the press and social media based on the program's portrayal of him as a narrow-minded, controlling and oppressive husband. These two examples may have increased viewers’ ratings, but it may have also made guests cautious and calculated in their replies out of fear of the same backlash their predecessors endured.

Multi-talented actress and singer Bushra was the guest on Friday, April 27. The clear thing about Bushra is that she is a complex character, not easily understood.

Here are nine things about Bushra from her interview with Samar Yousry.

1. She had a troubled relationship with her late father, political and social activist Ahmed Abdalla Rozza, as she never got to spend time with him due to his activism work. Although she admits that she now understands more as to why he was not around much, there is a somber tone in her statement that her father generally chose to be a father to many orphans and young children rather than to his own daughter.

2. Bushra does not have any close friends from the acting industry; the only one she mentioned as a friend, but within limits, is Nelly Kareem. She stated that the reason for her “rule” is to avoid rivalry and competitiveness, which is bound to occur.

3. There was an overwhelming feeling by Bushra that she has been treated unfairly at times, whether by her colleagues or directors/producers/writers. She went on to narrate a recent incident where she was involved in filming a new role, and everyone working with her was surprised and astonished at her high level of professionalism, which upset her, as she has been in the industry for more than twenty years, yet people still see her as a “newbie”.

4. She has not forgiven Ahmed Al-Feshawy for his public outburst at the Gouna International Film Festival, despite Feshawy apologizing to her personally; however, she stated that she loves him because of their long working history, but does not like him due to his behavior.

5. Bushra has two children, Ismai'l (6 years old) and Layla (5 years old), from her marriage to Syrian Amr Raslan. She admitted marrying Raslan during a period of depression she experienced after her father's death. They are divorced now and she is looking at a possible new commitment.

6. In a video clip, comedic actor Hani Ramzi described Bushra as a true friend and someone who always runs to you when you are in need. He sees her as a potential new Soad Hosni. After seeing the clip, Bushra became emotional and shed a few tears, as she did not realize that people actually saw her in this light.

7. Her mother admitted that Bushra had a fairly strict upbringing, although she also had the freedom of choice, as her father always insisted on her gaining top grades at school, being punctual and thinking outside of the box.

8. All the critics agreed that she needs to concentrate more on her acting and focus on her career rather than divulging into multiple areas such as production, singing and festival organizing. Bushra admitted they were right, but she did not know how to solve this issue when producers and directors do not offer her progressive career moves.

9. At the end of her interview, Bushra claimed that she was a forgiving person but not one to forget who wronged her. When Samar Yousry asked her about the dispute with Amr Waked, she said it was in the past and that they are not friends, although she did stress that Waked came to the Gouna International Film Festival and congratulated her on the great effort and achievement.



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