The man who introduces Pharaonic history with his tongue



Sun, 18 Mar 2018 - 12:44 GMT


Sun, 18 Mar 2018 - 12:44 GMT

Hisham Nady-FILE

Hisham Nady-FILE

CAIRO – 18 March 2017: Drawing attention to his triumph of mind over impairment, Hisham Nady’s determination easily compensated his disability into a gift.
Nady uses his tongue to provide simplified information about Pharaonic history to Egyptians.

“I decided to introduce simplified scientific and visual illustrations about Pharaonic history on Facebook to the public after I found out that many do not value it. This came after I visited the pyramids and was astonished when my friend told me that ‘they were just some stones strewn upon one another’.”

Nady, whose role model is Stephen Hawking, the third most famous physicist after Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, had been diagnosed with quadriplegia after suffering an electric shock in 2008. He is called by many as the Egyptian Stephen Hawking, for his ability to become successful despite his physical impairment, just as Hawking did.

“It was the most influential experience of my whole life. My life turned upside down, especially because of the psychological and physical pain [I experienced when I found out that there isn’t] any treatment for my case,” said Nady.

Inspired by Hawking to bring meaning back into his life, he began to rediscover his capabilities and develop his intellectual capacities by reading and studying in different fields due to his inability to do any physical work.

Nady’s main challenge was to find a way to write about history. Due to his quadriplegia, he thought up the idea of using his tongue to navigate a mouse, and use it to type on a computer. Many people on social media were amazed with his determination.

“It was difficult at the beginning, and I made several mistakes until I could successfully write with the help of my tongue,” remarked Nady.

Nady is now writing a weekly article, and has made an eight-hour program about the history of ancient Egypt, which he uploaded to his Facebook and YouTube accounts.
He said that he has published 1,500 informational images about pharaonic history, written 120 articles and recorded 18 episodes of his program.

He concluded that he is writing a series of specialized scientific books, of which he finished a big part, and NahdetMisr Publishing Groupwill publish and distribute it.
Renowned British physicist Hawking, whose mental genius and physical disability made him a household name and inspiration across the globe, has died at age 76, his family announced on Wednesday.

Propelled to superstardom by his 1988 book "A Brief History of Time", which became an unlikely worldwide bestseller, Hawking dedicated his life to unlocking the secrets of the Universe.

His genius and wit won fans over from beyond the rarified world of astrophysics. He was soon compared with Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton.

Hawking died peacefully at his home in the Cambridge, UK, in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

"We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today," Professor Hawking's children, Lucy, Robert, and Tim, said in a statement according to Britain's Press Association news agency.



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