Top Six Egyptian Belly Dancers


Mon, 01 May 2017 - 06:38 GMT

Egyptian bellydancers

Egyptian bellydancers

CAIRO - 1 May 2017: Saturday, April 29, marked the International Dance Day, which was first introduced in 1982, and is celebrated annually worldwide. The celebration aims at drawing a wider public’s attention to the art of dance.

The president of the International Dance Council sends out an official message every year to circulate the world, and it is posted on the Council’s official website. The origin of the name “belly dance” comes from the French “Danse du ventre”, which translates to “dance of the stomach”.

Sol Bloom, who is an American music composer, is said to have been the first one to use the English term “belly dance” for Chicago’s World Fair dancers in 1893. Belly dance is also often referred to as “oriental dance” or “raks sharqi." It was an essential part of the vast majority of old Egyptian movies, where actresses played the role of famous belly dancers. The Egyptian belly dance history is full of pioneering stars.

Egyptian belly dance history is full of pioneering stars:



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