Hawas band gears up for launching a new album



Sat, 10 Mar 2018 - 07:03 GMT


Sat, 10 Mar 2018 - 07:03 GMT

Photo courtesy of Hawas Band -  Live at Greek Campus

Photo courtesy of Hawas Band - Live at Greek Campus

CAIRO – 10 March 2018: Hawas Band will be launching a new album within 2018, driving their audiences on a new music adventure that they believe is worth staying tuned for; they worked on their new album using new and different techniques to present a full portion musical meal and deliver improved new sounds for their fans. Egypt Today spoke with one of the band’s members Mahmoud Khateeb who told us what to expect from the band’s new album.

The new album’s story seems to be unlike the past two EPs (mini album), therefore they decided to launch an expanded workshop that is not restricted to only music arrangements. First they will work on lyrics in this workshop, as under the supervision of their life time friend and one of the founders of the band the poet Noor Gamal.

Musically, the band named their genre as alternative oriental funk; alternative music is all about getting outside the box of the genre and improving its sound which is something they already implement.

Photo courtesy of Hawas Band - Live at El-Sawy Culture Wheel

They mix the oriental music sense, instruments and scales which are played in their own way to the funk genre embarking their vision.They were able to rediscover their abilities through this workshop which brought out their true capabilities; consequently they have improved their electronic edits, used new instruments and played their instruments differently.

Hawas’ new album is worthy of waiting for, it is special for them as well as their audiences, and it has a fresh content and music that will raise audiences’ curiosity.

The band is considered one of the role models of the independent music production scene in Egypt, they began their journey back in 2014 as a group of experienced musicians, where they produced the entirety of their records. The lyrics and production are a collaborative effort between all the band members in which everyone adds their own flair and style.

The band’s first self-titled EP (mini album) was released only on Soundcloud as an energetic album with a groovy edge that showed their signature style to the world, in addition the music video of their single “Taal El-Sahar” (Long Vigil) = through which they gained a large audience appeal. Their second album was a jazzy chill experience featuring a calm atmosphere. They have also collaborated with other singers which attracted more audiences with different tastes in music.



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