The Name of God is Mercy: Pope Francis’ first book


Sat, 29 Apr 2017 - 11:50 GMT

Pope Francis' book The Name of God is Mercy

Pope Francis' book The Name of God is Mercy

CAIRO- 29 April 2017: The Name of God is Mercy is the first book to be published for Pope Francis II of the Vatican , in conjunction with the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.

In his book, he invited people around the world to a passionate and personal dialogue on the subject closest to his heart: mercy. The cornerstone of the Pope’s faith was always mercy, and is now the central teaching of his papacy. He explained the meaning of compassion through the book, where he affirms that the world's Catholic Church does not seek to condemn and criminalize people, but rather contain them and spread compassion. The book tackles the challenges facing the Church, such as divorce, sexual relationships and corruption.

In the book, the Pope contemplates the reason why mercy is the first attribute of God and concludes that God “does not want anyone to be lost.” His mercy is infinitely greater than our sins,” he writes. Moreover, the Church cannot close the door in anyone’s face, Pope Francis asserts. On the contrary, its duty is to go out into the world to find its way into the consciousness of people so that they can move forward. He recounts that he has one remarkable memory of compassion as child; the day he went for confession at the age of 17. This is when he felt the Lord “welcomed him”.

‘’I have a special relationship with people in prisons and those deprived of their freedom. I feel attracted to them to know what it means to be guilty, whenever I crossed a prison gate for a visit or to a church I always thought: Why are they here not me? I should have been there, I deserve to be there, I could have suffered their fall, and I do not feel superior to any of these people standing in front of me.” He added.

The pope has attracted the world’s attention since he was elected in 2013. The world was dazzled by his simple lifestyle, by which he earned the love of Catholics around the globe. He is revered and appreciated by many others from different Christian denominations and religious backgrounds.

He started implementing a reform program within the Vatican upon his election, reorganizing the administration, pursuing corruption, and ruling out senior clergy whom he considered more interested in promoting themselves than the Church. He has also changed the Catholic Church’s outlook to the world, condemning anyone who does not abide by its principles or fails to convey its ideals.



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