Why the entire world loves Fairouz?



Thu, 22 Feb 2018 - 01:36 GMT


Thu, 22 Feb 2018 - 01:36 GMT

Legendary Lebanese singer Fairouz - photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Legendary Lebanese singer Fairouz - photo courtesy of Creative Commons

CAIRO - 22 February 2018: Listening to the veteran Lebanese singer Fairouz along with a warm cup of coffee or tea has been a morning ritual common among many Arabs across the region. The renowned singer has managed to accompany everyone throughout all stages of their lives, singing about grief, happiness, love, and patriotism among others. Egypt Today points out why the world is in love with Fairouz who has been active since 1950 to this day.

She sang for Childhood

“Teery Ya Tayara” (Fly Plane Fly) (1967)

She sang for youth

“Shayef El Bahr Sho Kbeer” (Can you See How Big is the Ocean) (1967)

“Yese’ed Sabahak” (May your Morning be Cheerful) (2001)

She sang for love

“Kifak Enta” (How have you Been) (1991)

“Ana La Habibi” (I Belong to my Lover)

“Sa’altak Habibi” (I asked you Love) (1975)

She sang for Grief

“Za3ly Tawal ana wyak” (Our Sadness Prelonged) (1983)

She sang for Happiness

“Sahr El Layali” (Oh Sleepless Nights)

She sang for Music

“Oudoak Ranan” (Your Oud Sings)

She sang for flirtation

“Baadak Ala Bali” (You’re on my Mind) (1974)

“Habytak” (I loved you) (1970)

She sang for Contestation

“Ya Aked El Hagabyen, Katalteny Martayn” (You Eyebrow Man, you Killed Me Twice) (1967)

“Ma Kedert Neseet” (I couldn’t forget)

She sang for Nostalgia

“Shat Eskenriya” (Alexandria’s Beach) (1987)

She sang for Break Ups

“Adash Kan Fi Nas” (How many People were There) (1987)

She sang for Patriotism

“Watany” (My Country)

“Le Beirut” (To Beirut) (1983)

“Kestna El Arabiya” (Our Arab Story)

She Sang for Palestine

“El Kods El Atika” (My Jerusalem) (1987)

“Ana La Ansak Flestine” ( I will never forget you Palestine)

“Salamy Lakon Ya Ahl El Ard El Mohtala” (My Greetings to You, Residents of the Occupied Lands)

“Zahret El Meda2an” (Flower of all Cities)

She sang for Being Alienated

El Ghorba (Alienation)

She sang for Farewells

“Sar Lazem Awda’akon” (It is Time to Say Goodbye) (1997)



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