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Mon, 12 Feb 2018 - 07:08 GMT


Mon, 12 Feb 2018 - 07:08 GMT

Edited promo for the Hope is a TravellerTraveler exhibition, Feburary 11, 2018 – ArtTalksEg/Facebook

Edited promo for the Hope is a TravellerTraveler exhibition, Feburary 11, 2018 – ArtTalksEg/Facebook

CAIRO – 12 February 2018: Egyptian artist Hady Boraey is hosting an on-going exhibition of his works at the Art Talks Egypt gallery in Cairo, from 30 January until February 25, 2018, titled “'Hope is a Traveller”'.

Born in Beheira, 1984, Boraey currently lives and works in Alexandria. There he studied at the University of Alexandria and received a BFA in 2005, a MFA in 2011 and a PHD in Fine arts in 2015. He has also been awarded the Medal of Appreciation from the Bibliotheca Alexandria, among various other awards from Alexandria's Faculty of Fine Arts and the Ministry of Culture.

Boraey's surreal, abstract art is heavily inspired from Coptic and ancient Egyptian art, which he uses to good effect to create a rich, symbolic universe. Recurring themes include sharp figures, birds and people carrying objects. His artwork explores the borders of reality and imagination, aiming to take the mind far beyond worldly limits across a fantastical journey, and reflect the idea of crossing borders to where the 'grass is greener.'

“'Hope is A Traveller”' marks his fourth exhibition (his third solo exhibit at Art Talks) and sees him shift towards a more pleasing, cooler palette of diluted blue, greys, and black and white.

In total, the exhibition features 30 oil paintings of various sizes, which are accompanied by paper-Mache sculptures which represent and compliment the figures in the paintings, according to Ahram Online. The titles of the paintings themselves serve to add another layer of depth and meaning to the works, allowing for various interpretations to arise from the viewers.

The exhibition's statement at Art Talks Egypt's website reads:
"Through life, Adam gets estranged from Eve through distress but nevertheless holding into the “hope – life buoy” to meet someday somewhere at the unforeseen edge of time and space to embrace the long awaited union."

"Years and places do not dim the eagerness of those who want to unite when unconsumed passions fuel our train of feelings; we might repress them for the sake of peace but the inner fire never dies in dreamers. The landscape of human emotion changes but the hope for longing is a constant in the journey."

Boraey has previously contributed to over forty group exhibitions in Egypt, the UAE, Italy, Switzerland and the UK.

Art Talks Egypt, founded in 2010, is a contemporary art gallery located in Zamalek, 8 El Kamel Mohamed Street. It is as self-proclaimed "selective search engine" seeking out the best of Egypt's newest artists. The gallery also serves an educational purpose by hosting seminars and research on Egypt's art history.



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