Photo by Medhat Soody featuring Nawel Oulad, December 22, 2016 – Medhat Soody Facebook Photo by Medhat Soody featuring Nawel Oulad, December 22, 2016 – Medhat Soody Facebook

Acclaimed Egyptian photographer integrates philosophical value in art

Wed, Feb. 7, 2018
CAIRO – 7 February 2018: Medhat Soody is an Egyptian photographer and freelance filmmaker who works in the field of performance art, such as Ballet, capturing the myriad of ways the human body can move elegantly, capturing motion as a work of art.In a statement for his

current on-going exhibition

that runs until February 15, Soody laid down the basis of his artistic motivations:

"The expression of the human being with his body and his movements, whether it’s artistic or not, is only the reflection of his soul, his life, his experience, and his most profound being. No matter the time, the place or the cadre, these movements show his urgent need to express a rebellious freedom, an inner revolution, and a profound evolution, the search for appeasement, the cry of despair or a love song.

Photo by Medhat - Photo courtesy of Medhat Soody

These are inner movements essential to any external movement in the life of a human being and in his contact with others.Moments haunted by a humanity that search for itself but also that gives itself completely. These moments, in my opinion, are the basis and the real essence of "Performing Arts" that I tried to capture with my photographer's eye."

Born in 1981, Soody was interested in pursuing a career in the visual arts "since I was a kid", especially interested in painting and photography. In his own words, he considered a painting or photograph as a "reflection of life, and the human soul."Soody graduated from Cairo University, and immediately dove into creating his own films and photographs.

Photo by Medhat - Photo courtesy of Medhat Soody

In particular, Soody is captivated by dance and the ways the human body flows, capturing a moment forever within his photography.

"Light, movements, shapes and different human expressions," are what the photographer considers to be the most inspiring things to him. Life in Egypt has also been another major inspiration to the artist; to Soody, Egypt has offered colorful, rich experiences like nowhere else in the world. And to an artist, "life experiences are the most important thing."

Photo by Medhat Soody - Photo courtesy of Medhat Soody

To Soody, he believes that the purpose of art "must be the main source to help elevate and enrich human beings and societies. It should be an important part of every country’s history and prosperity." He believes his work hits this goal, as it captures both Beauty and Truth, values he considers "the essence of life and humanity".

Through his work, Soody's themes are varied and intriguing, ranging from topics such as the human body, performing arts, experimental theatre, dancing, faces and expressions; a desire to explore the natural in a way only Soody can. His hopes are that he can also tackle themes "influenced by great painters in different styles and eras."

Photo by Medhat Soody - Photo courtesy of Medhat Soody

Soody's photography is predominantly black and white, though while he states that he does use color on occasion to him he feels his ideas come across better through B&W.
The single most important element is light, something that he "depends on in all his works", thus all his techniques revolve around utilizing light in the most creative manner.

In the future, he's open to collaboration with more artists, and he is currently working until May 2018 with "a dance company in a French project called 'Artistes en residence dans les colleges' or Artists in residences in colleges where we do workshops with students, make performances and create photo exhibitions. And I’m currently preparing for a new exhibition under the patronage of the French Ministry of culture on the theme of expatriates and refugees in Paris."

Photo by Medhat Soody - Photo courtesy of Medhat Soody

Looking back to his home country, Soody believes that Egypt's visual arts scene is full of diverse young talent in need of encouragement, through more activities, workshops and exhibitions. His words of encouragement to young, upcoming artists are to"To believe in your dreams and follow them even when the conditions don’t help or encourage you."
"You must always persevere."

Photo by Medhat Soody - Photo courtesy of Medhat Soody

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