Ancient Egyptian Queens: Queen Henutsen: King Khufu’s wife


Wed, 24 Jan 2018 - 01:33 GMT

Queen Henutsen Pyramid - Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Queen Henutsen Pyramid - Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

CAIRO – 24 January 2018: After narrating unforgotten stories about the 18th and the 19th dynasties, it is time to return to the Fourth Dynasty of the old kingdom.

The chosen queen for today is Queen Henusten; she is one of the Fourth Dynasty queens, and she is the wife of the Great Pyramid constructor King Khufu.
Carrying pure royal blood, Henutsen is one of King Sneferu’s daughters.

She got married to her brother King Khufu, according to researcher and author Ismail Hamed.

It is also believed that Queen Henutsen is King Khafra’s mother, besides two other princesses; Khafkhufu I, and Minkhaf, according to researcher Islam Mohamed Abdel Moniem.

A number of scholars claimed that Queen Henutsen might be King Khufu’s daughter, but Hamed explained that all Khufu’s children were buried in tombs, while Queen Henutsen was buried in a pyramid as the rest of King Khufu’s wives.

The Queen Henutsen Pyramid is located in Giza, next to King Khufu’s mother Queen Hetepheres I's Pyramid, his first wife Queen Meritites's Pyramid and nearby the Great Pyramid.

King Khufu is one of the most celebrated kings in the history of Ancient Egypt as he constructed the Great Pyramid that still puzzles the minds of scholars due to its unexplained building process, which proves the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization.



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