Ancient Egyptian Queens: Nefertari: King Ramses II's Wife



Mon, 22 Jan 2018 - 09:44 GMT


Mon, 22 Jan 2018 - 09:44 GMT

Temple of Nefertari – Photo Courtesy Wikipedia

Temple of Nefertari – Photo Courtesy Wikipedia

CAIRO – 22 January 2018: Queen Nefertari is considered one of the most celebrated Ancient Egyptian queens alongside Hatshepsut, Cleopatra, and Nefertiti, according to Ancient Egyptian History online Wikipedia.

She was Ramses II's wife, and she lived during the new kingdom period as a member of the 19th Dynasty.

Although scholars couldn't find enough information about Nefertari's family, she might have carried noble blood as she had noble characteristics like reading, writing, and negotiation skills, according to author Hussein Abdel Bassir in his book "Malikat Misr El Qadima" (The Queens of Ancient Egypt).

Queen Nefertari plays Senet – Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Moreover, Some scholars guessed that Queen Nefertari might have been King Ay's daughter and others thought that she was King Seti I's daughter, according to prominent archaeologist and author Zahi Hawas in an article published on Al Sharq Al Awsat website in October 2014.

Her full name consisted of two syllables: Nefertari means "Beautiful Companion" and Meritmut means "Beloved of the goddess Mut".

She appeared in the royal scene during King Ramses II reign, as Ramses II got married to her before ascending the throne.

Queen Nefertari depicted offering sistrums to goddess Hathor – Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Reading and Writing Hieroglyphs, knowing the basics of sending letters and messages, managing successful diplomatic negotiations, Nefertari played a vital role in her husband King Ramses II diplomatic policy.

King Ramses II showed great love and appreciation towards Queen Nefertari through a number of paintings, statues, and temples that he constructed for her, in addition to her amusing tomb.

The small temple of Abu Simbel was dedicated to Queen Nefertari and to goddess Hathor and god Abhishek. It was the first time a temple was constructed for a queen in the history of Ancient Egypt, according to Hawas.

The statues of Nefertari were always placed beside King Ramses II statues, as she was his main royal queen, and the closest one to his heart.

Temple of Nefertari – Photo Courtesy Wikipedia

Carrying highly honorable titles such as Lady of the Two lands, Great Royal Wife, and Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt, Nefertari's tomb is considered one of the largest tombs found in the Valley of Queens.

Rediscovered by famous Italian Egyptologist Ernesto Schiaparelli, the painting and inscriptions on the tomb's walls still keep their amusing and magical colors and artistic details.

The artistic and architectural techniques expressed in the tomb proved the great and endless love King Ramses II had for his wife.

Known as the most beautiful queen on Earth in Ancient Egypt's time, Nefertari was known for her fit body, well-chosen fashionable dresses, beautiful clothes, and artistic accessories, and make up, beside her beautiful physical appearance; she still captivates the minds of fashion designers around the world, according to Hawas.



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