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Fri, 05 Jan 2018 - 02:47 GMT


Fri, 05 Jan 2018 - 02:47 GMT

“Islmophobia” movie poster which will be released in 2018 – IMDB Website

“Islmophobia” movie poster which will be released in 2018 – IMDB Website

CAIRO – 5 January 2018: The Turkish director Omar Sarikaya announced that he will produce a movie named “Islamophobia” along with an English production company, with logistic aids granted from the Dutch and the Turkish Governments.

“Eight Arabian Islamic countries refused to finance the movie, despite this fact I refused the Israeli offer to produce the movie,” Sarikaya admitted. “Islamophobia” as recounted by Sarikaya is a film that defends contemporary Islam and carries a message of tolerance towards all religions.

The movie plot revolves around Omar, who was born in Bosnia to a Christian father and a Muslim mother. When the war in Bosnia started in 1984, Omar, only 8 years old at the time, immigrated with his mother to Rotterdam to start a new life after the disappearance of his father.

As a teenager growing up in a different society, Omar started to suffer from an identity crisis, discrimination and racism. Omar, after some time, decided to convert to Islam. He started to search for more information about Islam and due to some of his new friends, Omar suddenly finds himself on the CIA blacklist as a dangerous terrorist.

Starting from this moment, his life turns upside down.
“Islamophobia” starring the famous Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme ,the Egyptian Italian actor Fabio Abraham, the American actress Bobbie Phillips, the American actor Chris Mulkey, the American Turkish actor Adam Dormi, the Italian actress Antonella Salvucci, the Spanish actor Jesus Sans and the French actor Aksel Ustun, among others.

Choosing the action star Van Damme to be the movie hero, indicates that the movie will contain several action scenes. Sarikaya started shooting the movie and already publicized some of its scenes, but Van Damme will start shooting his scenes sometime around mid-January.

Sarikaya announced that two scenes from “Islamophobia” will be shot in Egypt in front of the Giza Pyramids. The rest of “Islamophobia” scenes will be shot in the Netherlands, Turkey and the United States.

“The film aims to defend Islam’s image in front of other countries that do not know the truth about Islam, especially in this critical period where most of the European countries and the U.S. suffers from Islamophobia,” Sarikaya explained.

“Islamophobia” movie will highlight the coexistence of the three religions by presenting three families - one Christian, one Jewish and one Muslim, illustrating how they coexist alongside each other.

The movies highlights how despite politics separating the families, they remain cohesive, mutually supportive in critical times and remain in strong and firm bonds, united to ward off a great danger that threatens them all during the movie.



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