CBC to screen 'Sabea Gar' part 2 in February 2018



Fri, 29 Dec 2017 - 07:00 GMT


Fri, 29 Dec 2017 - 07:00 GMT

"Sabea Gar" series’ cast – Photo complied by Egypt Today

"Sabea Gar" series’ cast – Photo complied by Egypt Today

CAIRO – 29 December 2017: The general manager of CBC channels Mohamed Hany announced that CBC will screen "Sabea Gar" (The Farthest Neighbor) series part 2 in February 2018.

"Sabea Gar" part 1 is a family soap opera that kick-started two months ago and ended on December 23. This soap opera sneaked smoothly into the hearts of audiences, becoming part of their daily life.

"Sabea Gar" outlines stories similar to those Egyptian families live every day. The incidents of the series take place in a building in Maadi.

The characters of the series are residents of the building. Each apartment in the building contains a family and each family represents a drama line with different social problems; the point of intersection between all these lines is their relationship as neighbors.

The two main families are Lamia’s family, which is a middle-class family. Lamia’s role is played by veteran actress Dalal Abdel Aziz, a widowed housewife and a mother of two girls and a boy.

The first daughter is Doaa (rising actress Fadwa Abed) who is fanatically religious, and a miser doctor, while the second is Heba (rising star Sarah Abdel Rahman) who is a university fresh-graduate, searching for a job and a life goal. Heba is feeling lost, reflecting the status of most Egyptian youth. Abdel Rahman (the young actor Ahmed Dash) is Lamia’s youngest son, a student in secondary school.

The second family is Laila’s family. Laila, performed by renowned actress Sherine, is Lamia’s sister. Leila is working as a manager in one of the government ministries. She is married to a deceitful person who is not living with her; he is busy all the time with his questionable job and visits them infrequently. Leila has two daughters, Hala (Rahma Hassan), a successful manager in one of the big private companies, and Hend (Nesreen Taalat) who is married to a loser, Fouad (Mahmoud el-Leithy), who is living with them in the same flat.

"Sabea Gar" presents other common examples; such as the gloomy wife Noha (Heidy Karam) and her miserable husband Tarek (Nicolas Mouwad). Noha is a very strict and practical wife who cares about her children and her husband in a tough way, free of any kind of emotions, which almost turns the life of her husband Tarek to an extremely unhappy one. He finds his refuge in hanging out with his friend, smoking hash cigarettes or talking with his younger neighbor, Heba.

Another apartment contains the married couple Amr (Hany Adel) and Jailan (Doaa Hegazy). Amr is a talented composer who refuses to work because he objects to what is happening in the music industry. Amr is somehow frustrated as he feels that he did not achieve anything despite his talent. This frustration sometimes builds a barrier between him and his wife, the rising singer, Jailan. Jailan feels sometimes that Amr is jealous of her work, because she is working and he is not.

"Sabea Gar" also presents a delicate and funny relationship covered with a layer of affinity between a retired police general (Osama Abbas) and his servant Karima (Safaa Galal). The police general at the beginning used to dislike Karima’s clumsy and spontaneous actions but gradually a relationship grows between them after he gets used to her and comes to appreciate her sincerity.

Finally, "Sabea Gar" sheds light on an example that is not very common in the Egyptian society yet it exists; a female young engineer named Mai (Hadeel Hassan) lives alone in her engineering office. Mai suffers from her neighbors’ gossips as a single girl living alone, but she insists to ignore all their talks and move forward. Mai used to love her university colleague, Ahmed, who left her to marry another woman and travel abroad for work. As soon as he returns, they resume a sexual and emotional relationship.

"Sabea Gar" is directed by three female directors; Ayten Amin, Nadine Khan and Heba Yousry. The three talented directors present a group of young female actresses who appear for the first time



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