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Sat, 23 Dec 2017 - 08:39 GMT


Sat, 23 Dec 2017 - 08:39 GMT

Stock illustration uploaded by vLADISLAV1989 on Pixabay, June 1, 2016, - vLADISLAV1989/Pixabay

Stock illustration uploaded by vLADISLAV1989 on Pixabay, June 1, 2016, - vLADISLAV1989/Pixabay

CAIRO – 23 December 2017: As the year rolls to an end, Egypt Today looks at the ten best albums of 2017.

Kendrick Lamar – “DAMN”

Kendrick Lamar outdoes himself with his latest release; this powerfully raw hip-hop album sees the artist examining political tension in modern America, particularly the Black Lives Matter movement which calls attention to police brutality against African-Americans. A few of the song titles reference the Seven Deadly Sins, eluding to the artist’s own sins, while remaining humble in the face of fame.

Jay-Z – “4:44”

The long awaited 13th studio album from Jay-Z sees him do the unthinkable, apologizing to Beyonce. Here he addresses the marital troubles they faced leading many fans to believe her 2016 album, “Lemonade”, which alluded to his unfaithfulness. Jay-Z drops the ego, admitting his faults and possibly opening himself up to change. The album also addresses generational differences in the world of hip-hop and calls for the African-American community to support its own.

Lorde – “Melodrama”

As Lorde grows up, so does her music, the teen star is now maturing. Her second pop album comes across as artistic, intimate and personal. High-school drama morphs into a poetic, artistic look at love and all its messiness.

Taylor Swift- “Reputation”

Swift marks her grand return after a three-year hiatus with a defensive look at the darker sides of fame and love, expressing her experience with breakups, obsessive love and all her critics. Protective of how far she's come, Swift doesn't shy away from expressing her fierce independence. Singing about how the “Old Taylor” is dead, she welcomes the new her and doesn't care what the world thinks.


The debut album of this fresh new star bodes well for a successful career ahead for Solana Rowe, aka SZA. The album explores the modern complications of love, how social media, competition and more can sink a relationship, illuminating the importance of keeping a promise to love alive.

Queens of the Stone Age – “Villains”

A leading force in modern rock, Queens of the Stone Age once again proves why they’re at the top with this release. Band founder and devilish rebel, Josh Homme, is joined by some fresh new talent for nine tracks of hellishly, funky music.

Khalid – “American Teen”

Nineteen-year-old prodigy Khalid astounds the music scene with this fresh new album, already proving his immense potential right out of the gate. The songs include tributes to the 1980s, laid back vocals and lyrics about hiding the smell of weed. Khalid also sings about the fragility of relationships and what it means to be a teen in America and how outdated stereotypes about African-Americans can finally be put to the grave.

LCD Soundsystem – “American Dream”

Electronic music group LCD Soundsystem tries their hand at commenting on the current American political situation, marking their return after a half decade hiatus, they remain as fresh as ever. A tribute to the late David Bowie, the album honors the late musician who influenced band leader James Murphy into experimenting with his music and taking it into strange new territories.

Drake – “More Life”

Drake calls his newest album a “playlist” rather than an album, as a way to place his music in a different perspective for his audience and especially himself. The immensely successful Canadian rapper treats his latest release with a playful lack of seriousness resulting in tracks that feel warm, inviting, full of life and explore Drake’s personal journey out of the darker periods in his life and career. Having reached the top, Drake looks to take himself in a new direction.

Syd – “Fin”

This year has proven to be a standout year for jaw-dropping debuts and budding R&B voices; Syd debuts her solo, a fresh start for a singer branching her way into a new world of music. With influences ranging from Hip-Hop to Soul, Syd asserts herself both as an independent young woman and a passionate new voice who knows what she wants to say.



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